Physical boundaries christian dating

The good news is that it is to return a relationship back to glorifying God.

If you know about David and Bathsheba, then you’ll know that despite David’s horrible sin – sleeping with a married woman and then killing her husband – they decided to stay together and had a boy named Solomon, the wisest man in all of human history.

This “half measure” abstinence that is taught in most Churches today has lead to modern practices in Christian dating that encourage emotional cruelty toward men.

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So you’ve just met someone new, you get along great and you’re enjoying the rush of affection that comes with the honeymoon period.

Any decision that has a bad start can be reversed toward the glory of God.

If God’s grace can cover David, then certainly God’s got your back too.

I met my husband Tim when I was 16 at a friend’s fancy dress party.

I was dressed as Audrey Hepburn and he was dressed as the Energizer bunny (when I say dressed, I mean he had two batteries taped to his back).


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