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Labor leader Bryan Green rejected the suggestion that the reaction against Senator Lambie's words was a storm in a teacup."No, I thought they were an absolute disgrace," he said."We work so hard to build a fantastic reputation for Tasmania and it can be undermined over a few silly words.

I can only imagine the public outrage if a male member of parliament, myself included obviously, had participated in a similar interview and referred to the opposite sex in such a way. "Anybody who listened to that interview would cringe.

Not following this advice, and you might as well be following the golden calf.

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When asked about removing hair from her legs, bikini line and underarms, Senator Lambie revealed all."Right now the state I'm in, I can tell you what, you'd want to bring out that whipper snipper first." Senator Lambie said when the discussion turned to her lack of a love life she tried to hide her embarrassment by making jokes."I apologise to any radio listeners who may be offended by my comments on Kim and Dave's Show," she said in an issued statement."Of course my political enemies will make a big deal out of my comments, but the reality is I was talking with Kim and Dave on Heart FM - not Sarah Ferguson on the ABC."Later, Senator Lambie appeared on Channel 10 where she defended her comments."Seems to me there's a few people out there offended and there's a few people that are laughing their rear end off let's be honest," she told Channel 10."So I think I may have offended especially the elderly so I do apologise for anybody that I may have offended." She said her media adviser was happy for her to be herself."He doesn't advise me [on] what comes out of my mouth in those situations," she said."He just appreciates me being honest and letting my hair down and showing the real me in those sort of situations, and it was a good hard-edged breakfast show, we're all just having a bit of fun."Both the Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and Opposition Leader Bryan Green took a dim view of her performance, saying that Tasmanians had reason to expect better from their elected representatives.

In the radio interview, hosts Kim Napier and Dave Noonan, offering to act as match-makers, asked Senator Lambie what attributes she was looking for in a partner."They must have heaps of cash and they've got to have a package between their legs, let's be honest," replied Senator Lambie."And I don't need them to speak."When a 22-year-old man named Jamie called as a prospective date, Senator Lambie was prompted to see if he met her requirements.

She said he was “very into threesomes,” liked her to dress up as a schoolgirl and he was “good in bed” (but) “he’s rough” and (ahem) “well endowed.” A source close to Rodriguez scoffed at the claims, saying, “He and Jennifer are together all the time.

Every week the magazines write something ridiculous about their relationship, last week they were getting married, she’s pregnant.


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