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Generally, a method is a commonly available published document that describes a measurement or testing technique, e.g., ASTM E18—“Standard test method for Rockwell hardness of metallic materials” or ASTM E4—“Force verification of testing machines.”Procedures can also be published documents that generally describe a number of steps to complete a task with specific outcomes, e.g., ASTM E18, Annex A—“Direct verification of Rockwell hardness machines,” or ASTM E4—“Force verification of testing machines by elastic calibration devices.”Laboratories may find it useful to separate these ideas; however, laboratories would most benefit from arriving at their own understanding and use of the terms “method” and “procedure.”The word “instruction” is used differently.It describes documents intended to ensure consistency.

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Unreliable analytical data might not only be contested in court, but could also lead to unjustified legal consequences for the defendant or to wrong treatment of the patient.The work would require substantial fieldwork that would be beyond the resources of QORU so would be subject to negotiation with the Department of Health.The four strands of work developed during the earlier project will be used to inform the design of the testing process.The work is also conditional on acquiring additional funding that would be needed for the large-scale primary research involved.The main outputs would be research papers on the testing and validity questions, but the samples involved would also provide rich data about the impact of services and support for these groups of people on their care-related quality of conducted by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau of noncompliances during accreditation assessments to ISO/IEC 17025—“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” found that the most cited clauses were found in section 5.4—“Methods and method validation.” This article attempts to clarify the intent of section 5.4 to help laboratories better select, validate, and manage their methods, procedures, and instructions.


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