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Michael Jackson's daughter is clearly feeling her new ink as she took to Instagram on Saturday to show off the artwork. The Nine Inch Nails frontman was clearly in a shady mood as he laid into both Ashton Kutcher and Donald Trump during a recent interview. Related: Protestors Hit Back At Trump's Transgender Military Service Ban!

Related: Drake Has A HUGE Lil Wayne Tattoo In the picture (below), Paris and Macaulay are all smiles as they pose with their small spoon tats. While chatting with Ashton Kutcher won't let rumors surrounding his marriage with Mila Kunis go any further!

With one tabloid insinuating something was going on between the actor and a mystery brunette after they were seen exiting a private jet, the poppa of two went on blast!

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Of course, the major selling point that lured Hahn to her new, provocatively titled streaming series on Amazon was the fresh opportunity to work again with executive producer Jill Soloway, who's previously provided Hahn with a wealth of meaty material in her recurring role as Rabbi Raquel Fine on another edgy Amazon series, "Transparent."Drawing from Chris Kraus's bestselling pseudo-memoir/novel of the same name chronicling a married woman's increasingly obsessive and consuming sexual fixation on a guru-like artist and media theorist (Kevin Bacon) who has offered her philosopher husband (Griffin Dunne) a berth in his organization, "I Love Dick" casts Hahn as Krause -- or a version thereof -- and gives her some of the most unique and challenging opportunities of her career, while flipping the usual male-gaze oriented narrative in terms of psycho-sexual objectification.

What was that thing that you immediately grabbed on to and said, "This is going to test me. I was not familiar with this book before Jill handed it to me as something to consider. Did you try to get a little bit more info than what was in the book, or did you just work with what was available on the page? I did a little bit, because I knew whatever the series, how it was going to develop, after reading the pilot, the amazing pilot that our producer Sarah Gubbins wrote, I knew that it was going to depart significantly from the source material.

There was a couple things that we were thinking about book-wise, and this was one of the titles. But I also knew that I just had brilliant, literal diaries, basically, of this woman's life.

I’d love to come back as a young woman,” I declared, proudly.

At this point, I weakened at the sight of the female Sandra Bernhard looking luminously accessible, so I approached her to say, “I’m sorry for the things I wrote about you way back when.” I elegantly added, “I was a fag on a rampage.” [The ‘90s brought the first modern wave of sometimes excessive political correctness, and I must admit I was leading the brigade—though I also did a lot of good, I swear.] Sandra graciously accepted my apology and we hugged, which was a really lovely moment—not at all your typical happening in the New York moonlight.


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