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A key development was the magnetron in the UK, which allowed the creation of relatively small systems with sub-meter resolution.

By the end of hostilities, Britain, Germany, the United States, the USSR, and Japan had a wide diversity of land- and sea-based radars as well as small airborne systems.

History, Circuit and Construction, Under Chassis Details, AR-60 Model Types, AR-60 Details and Variations, Other AR-60 Info, Where the AR-60 was Used, AR-60 Serial Number Log, Restoration Hints, Alignment Details, AR-60 Receiver Profiles Was RCA's commercial-military receiver, the AR-60, an over-priced, over-built behemoth that produced enough internal noise that it masked all of the weak signals it was tuned to?

Or, was it a "cost-no-object" design that was "built-to-order" and was so expensive no one could afford it except for the commercial-military purchasers?

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Through the programs that Radio brought into the home, every listener could learn from and identify with his neighbors in every corner of the nation.

By timing the pulses on an oscilloscope, the range could be determined and the direction of the antenna revealed the angular location of the targets.

The two, combined, produced a "fix", locating the target relative to the antenna.

In this gallery, we celebrate the Depression Era home radio, the one device responsible for keeping the sanity of a nation through almost two decades of financial despair and world turmoil.

Philco Model 87 radio was an early set designed for exclusively 110 volt AC operation.


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