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There is an unwritten rule which states every religious apologist who denies evolution must not know anything about evolution. The Wall Street Journal has finally figured out how to market to Millennials. Over the weekend, I got to play my friend's HTC Vive (a VR headset) which was a pretty awesome. Also, some friends and I beat an escape room with only a few minutes left, but we weren't able to figure out who the murderer was.

In Malaysia, it is a crime to stop being Muslim, and a recent picture of an atheist meeting is leading to a government crackdown! Calvary Chapel Christian School shows that it's not so much about being Christian as it is about winning basketball games.

The topic was much debated when I went on a detox holiday in Morocco at Easter with nine single women, ranging in age from mid-30s to late-40s and all looking for love.

At first I thought it would be an oestrogen-infused nightmare, but as I got to know the women, all well-educated and successful (including bankers, a lawyer, a top fashion buyer, a media executive and an art historian), we bonded over our inability to find our male match.

Several years ago, I bought a black Sharpie marker to keep in my car specifically for this purpose, and every time I got new bills from an ATM or change from a drive-through, I would redact the bill. Tell that to Father Lagarejos who was caught trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl in the Philippines. Because they demand courts give them criminals to incarcerate, even when crime is at an all time low.

Mingle2 was created by 2 singles passionate about creating a new “online dating” culture.

Some of the bankers confessed to resorting to affairs with married men at work, which was depressing, but mostly we concluded we were unable to find what we were looking for because like-minded men of our age didn't exist. Because our male counterparts were looking for something completely different.

I have been single for the past four years and have dated a handful of men.

We’ve discussed men who resent women who make more money.

We’ve debated why women need men to make more money than their partners.


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